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Why we use Colours & Props in our Newborn Photography!

We’ve received this question many a time from customers who want to learn and understand why we use props and colours heavily in our shoots! So we decided to bring this topic up here, so we can talk more about why our creative style is so unique and why we use colours and props the way we do!

As you well know, Ashley, our founder started this company and specialised in Newborn Photography. This opened up numerous possibilities for her to express her creativity and more importantly, helped her create her own photography style!


Colours signify so much more in photographs, sometimes more than we realise. Each colour used signifies a mood, emotion or feeling you wish to portray.

Black & white photos create a dimension of rawness based on just the colours used! Pictures with yellow tones release warm feelings and comfort in the viewer, reminding someone of similar objects they would associate the colour with, like the sun!

Capturing these moments for our newborns, it is a unique and emotional experience. Colours are crucial in immortalising the parents’ emotions and feelings and we help make them tangible through using these colours in our setup. These help to bring out vital emotion that the family experiences, so when they look upon these photos 30 years from now, they will still remember the feelings they felt when they first held their baby, through the colours they chose to use!

Not only is it an emotional experience for parents, but for us as well! Each photograph reflects the artist’s work and with the use of bright and bold colours, Ashley leaves her own mark and style! Simultaneously, these bold colours help to thwarts stigmas like only  “timeless” colours like black and white express a depth of emotion in photos and help to show that bright colours can also be used to showcase how beautiful the moment truly is.


We use props in our shoot to provide a variety of things for us , like texture. We use different materials that complement well with each other in a setup. This helps to elevate and create a new dimension of sophistication in the photographs!

Secondly, props allow parents to customise and insert their own meaning into the photos. They use these props to share a story, for example, a sweet one like the place they first met, a hobby they share or a film they both love! With the variety of props we offer, we can help parents to bring their vision to life and these photographs become that much more meaningful!

We express numerous details in our photographs. As a photography studio we recognise that each colour and prop is individualistic, but together they can help bring to life a vibrantly beautiful memory for the family!

By using colours and props in not only our Newborn Photography, but in our other forms of photography as well, we hope to bring out the depth of emotions our customers feel in the biggest milestones of their lives. 

Check out how you can form your own vivid milestones with us, by simply enquiring with us at info@ashleylowphotography.com or calling us at 6443 3953/ 9640 3774! You can check out our other stunningly colourful photos in our galleries!

Written  by ~  Abigail Lazarus

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