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How to Care for Newborn Skin

Having received so many comments on our previous take on How To Care for Newborn Skin, we are back with more care tips parents (whether new, expecting or seasoned) can take into account!

Adult skin, as we all are well aware, can have sensitive skin issues and protection from UV light. Newborn skin, is much more sensitive and delicate than our adult skin. A Newborn’s skin has not developed a resistance to chemicals and even something natural – like the sun’s UV rays, the way older children and adult skin have. This means that they are more prone to rashes, needing several kinds of balms or methods to help soothe these ailments. We are here to share what to take note on, and what remedies can help your newborn’s skin!

Diaper Rashes

Diaper rashes are extremely common in babies. Newborns, whom only have just arrived into this world for a few days, they are not yet accustomed to wearing diapers, and can create some rashes can occur as a result. Here are some of the reasons why a newborn can get skin irritation:

–          Babies’ diapers are placed on too tight.

–          The brand of detergent or diapers/baby wipes irritate the newborn’s skin.

–          Wet diapers that are left on your newborn for too long and rubs against the baby’s skin repeatedly.

Besides making sure that your babies’ diapers are not kept on for too long and to be regularly changed, another issue would be that some disposable diapers have absorbent and moisturizing chemicals that may irritate your newborn’s skin.

As each baby is unique with their own sensitivity issues, try and test to see which is a good option (clothing/disposable) for your baby. If you are using clothing diapers, avoid using strong detergents when cleaning them. Instead, use mild soaps that are clinically safe to use, and preferably unscented! You might also like to keep some creams on standby such as zinc oxide cream that can help with your babies’ rashes.

Sun Protection

At a few days old, your baby is not ready to go out into the direct sunlight for a beach day just yet! UV rays can be very damaging to your newborn’s skin, especially during the day, where the sun is at it’s most potent! Most dermatologists will recommend that even with sunscreen for babies, it is best to not use them on newborns.

Instead, if you are going out with your newborn, protect your baby from UV rays with breathable cotton long sleeved tops, hats, umbrellas, blankets or canopies!

If you do have to go out with your baby after the first 6 months, get some sunscreen that is baby proof! Babies’ sunscreen is specially formulated with zinc, a natural element in the human body that is safe to use on a baby’s delicate skin. Look for a zinc-only sunscreen for babies, but use it sparingly as well.

Heated & Irritated skin 

Newborn’s skin is both delicate and easy to get rashes on, and especially in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, the tendency for irritated skin to be caused by prickly heat is high. You can identify it by it’s placing on your newborn’s body, in sweat-prone areas such as the baby’s neck, armpit, some skin folds and even the diaper area.

But don’t fret, these are easy to manage! Keep your baby in a cool and dry environment, with loose fitting clothes so that your newborn’s skin is able to breathe. It is also a good idea to make sure that while your baby’s diapers are secure, it should not be placed too tight that it does not promote proper circulation and airflow. And remember, do not layer more clothes onto your baby than what is necessary!


While there are many baby powders for babies in stores, it is actually not needed for your infant to be powdered. While it may be safe to use for your newborn’s skin, introducing talcum powders or corn starched-based powders can result in babies inhaling the very very fine grains of these powders when you are powdering them. This can lead to breathing trouble or lung damage in your baby.

Baby powders can also create skin irritation, if there is overuse of the powder on your newborn’s skin. Avoid this by making sure there is no build-up, by making sure that when you change your baby’s diapers, thoroughly clean away any powders that may have been accumulated or still present, especially in the fold of your baby’s skin!

Article By ~ Abigail Lazarus 

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