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Pregnancy issues that may affect your photoshoot and how to combat it!

When many of our clients come in for their pregnancy shoots, they’re usually 34 to 36 weeks along, and while they are getting ready as the due date draws closer, there are discomforts that they go through especially in their last trimester of pregnancy! We sometimes see mummies-to-be get tired from our maternity shoots, after all, while it is a truly beautiful moment, it can be taxing on a mother-to-be, whose body has gone through many changes during the length of her pregnancy.

That said, your photoshoot can be just as much fun as a pre- or post-pregnancy one! How? Well, by understanding some of the common problems that may affect your shoot, and what to do about them, you can make this memory-making time a joyous experience to cherish!

Swollen Feet 

Swollen feet or ankles are caused by water retention during pregnancies. Along with the excess water in your system, your growing uterus is putting extra pressure on your pelvic veins. This is quite common for pregnant women in the last trimester, according to Dr. Watt Wing Fong, obstetrician and gynaecologist from The Obstetrics and Gynaecology Centre!

So, what does this have to do with your feet? The pressure slows down the blood that returns back to your heart, causing it to pool in your legs causing it to push excess fluid into your feet.

Swollen feet are obviously uncomfortable. Sitting with your feet elevated can alleviate some of the swelling and discomfort. So, speak to your photographer about your swollen feet and where your discomforts are so that she is able to work around it for you!


In our studio, we have witnessed some mummies come in with issues such as heartburn, which is common in pregnant women in the last trimester. Heartburn can happen as hormones are rushing through your body, helping your pregnancy along. If you’re experiencing this pregnancy problem there are a few tricks that can keep you heartburn-free (or reduce the likelihood of developing heartburn during your photoshoot) to try.

Instead of filling up on liquids with your meals, drink before or after you eat. In addition, try smaller portions (more often during the day). Avoid spicy foods that are hard on your stomach, and go with plain carbs. You should also stay away from anything acidic, such as orange juice before or during your shoot.

Dr Watt advises that if you are suffering from heartburn, try not to eat a full meal before your photoshoot to reduce the risk of onset! And if you do have to eat right before your shoot, stay in an upright position (standing!) for as long as possible after your snack or meal! If you are prone to getting heartburns during your pregnancy, Gaviscon would help with symptomatic relief!

Achy Back

Your growing belly is putting much strain on your entire body – especially your back. This means that standing for long periods may get uncomfortable, if not outright painful.

Well, sitting down is an obvious answer when it comes to easing an achy back during your pregnancy photoshoot. But, what else can you do to feel more comfortable?

To start with, sit (or stand) up straight. Hunching your shoulder’s over and slouching may put even more strain on your back. Switching positions often can also ease some of the pressure and soreness that you’re feeling. If you are a pregnant mummy who suffers from awful aches during your pregnancy, and are aching  during the shoot, Dr Watt assures that it is okay to apply some muscle rubs (like Bengay!) or take a couple of paracetamol (provided no allergies) before your photoshoot to help ease the discomfort!

Hair Growth

Pregnancy hormones aren’t just responsible for heartburn, they’re also making your hair grow in a crazy-ful way. That’s great for luscious locks of hair, except that it starts appearing – everywhere!

Pro-tip for mummies: Before your photoshoot make sure to check for stray hairs on your face and anywhere else that’s exposed. While you can safely shave your legs, you’ll want to use a different method on your facial area. Think of options like waxing, threading and tweezing to remove unwanted hair before it’s picture day.

Along with the possible problems of pregnancy that could affect your photoshoot, you may also feel extra tired especially so in this last leg of your pregnancy. Get a good night’s sleep before your shoot. Don’t schedule your appointment too early. If possible, take a nap before heading out the door. A well-rested mum-to-be equals a fresh face for your photoshoot!

And when you come in for your shoot, relax and have fun with your loved ones and we guarantee an amazing experience to be cherished throughout the years to come! We’d like to thank SMG Women’s Health for allowing us to speak to their experts on this matter, so we can provide quality and factual content to you! Find more about Dr. Watt Wing Fong at https://www.smgwomenshealth.sg/our-doctors/dr-watt-wing-fong/!

          Article by ~ Abigail Lazarus 

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