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Importance of Photographing your Baby Bump!

Pregnancy is the time of your life where there are so many changes going through your body. Each month brings a new change, anything from a rounder and firmer belly to cravings and mood swings. With so much to experience in this whirlwind of 9-10 months of your life, there aren’t many moments to just pause and appreciate the beauty of the life within you.

And after pregnancy, with a baby to focus and give your attention to, there are moments you will spend trying to capture and chronicle the growth of your family!

Pregnancy is the start of a new beginning for many mothers, where some mothers would swear that it is a rebirth of themselves! Each moment during your pregnancy is filled with cherishable moments unique to only yourself. From the joyfulness of finding out you’re expecting, to marvelling the moments when your baby moves within you, to the anticipation of the delivery date, these are truly unforgettable feelings!

That is why we love commemorating pregnancies with a photoshoot. It is literally, a tangible evidence of how your body has changed for your baby, and to be able to witness this miracle journey as far as 70 years later!

Documenting this moment isn’t just about the pregnant mother, but also encapsulates the love that you and your spouse share. In our shoots, we include expectant daddies and welcome them to join the shoot, and we get such beautiful, loving moments of the couple together.

In it, we are able to see how in love they are, and how in love they are with their baby – even before they have met the baby! These moments sometimes bring tears to our eyes, and we are extremely grateful to have witnessed and more importantly, document this very moment.

The good news is there are many ways you can incorporate documenting your memories throughout your pregnancy journey! With a smartphone being the most convenient form of camera, you can take pictures of your bump each month (or every 2 – 3 months) to “chart the progress”.

Not only is this a valuable keepsake for the future, but you would have so many memories attached to it!

You can even add your husband or older children and make it a family activity! Just take a scroll down Pinterest to brainstorm ideas on how you can add them into your shoot as well! Or even a chronological sequence of your older child kissing your expanding belly every month, that is an idea that will leave you awww-ing in delight when you’re older and looking back at your photographs!

Another avenue expectant mothers have is to do a professional photoshoot for Maternity Photography. Professional photography studios (like us) understand how fleeting these moments are, and realise the importance of collating memories. Most photography studios would offer a range of outfits and props that a expectant mother can use.

In addition, with a professional photographer (depending on photographer’s style and forte), you are able to leave the confines of the studio for your shoot. If you are looking to use the outdoors and incorporate nature and it’s elements in it, you can do so too!

Each moment in life is unpredictable and fast. We at Ashley Low Photography believe that capturing these moments are vital. We have taken photographs of so many babies, pregnant mums and families. And all of them have provided variations of gratitude for immortalising their memories.
Starting a new chapter in your family life? Document the milestones with us! Enquire/book now at 6443 3953 or email info@ashleylowphotography.com!

Article by ~ Abigail Lazarus

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