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10 FAQs about Maternity Shoots!

This month, we are celebrating the start of the year by talking about the start of a new life. Expectant mums embrace these moments in their pregnancies, each little moment is precious. As the baby belly rounds further, the need to immortalise this moment of your little miracle, becomes clearer. But with choosing to do a Maternity Shoot, it comes with many relevant questions that expectant mothers will have!

Helping Mothers-to-be to make a concise and informed decision about the photographic investment is important. So here are 10 frequent questions that our studio gets when we are handling enquiries for Maternity Photography.

1. When to do the shoot? 
Photographing your baby bump is an amazing moment, but when to capture it is a dilemma. The best time to take photographs for your Maternity Shoot is when you are within 34-36 weeks along. Why? Simply because that is the time that your belly big and round to pose with. In addition, if you are able to look down and see if your tummy exceeds your beast line, you are eligible to go for your Maternity Shoot.

2. Will the photographer be male or female? 
This is where you have to do a little bit more research. A simple Google search would show you profiles of maternity photographers and their styles. For example, if you google Ashley Low Photography, you would be able to access our photos and read about Ashley, who is a female photographer. It is an important factor for some mummies (as some aspects of the shoot are revealing), who are a bit more shy with exposing their body in front of the opposite gender. This is a beautiful moment you would like to commemorate, so mummies remember, your comfort is vital!

3. Is my Husband/Significant Other/Older Kids allowed to part of the shoot? 
Our answer is, why not? They say special moments should be shared, and we do think so too! Capturing your baby bump pictures are a significant moment, not only in your life, but in the life of your family as well! Get your co-creating partner, and if you have older kids, round them up to and have a great memory keepsake for the family to share, enjoy and reminisce.

4. What outfits are recommended? 
Ideally, a long dress or gown that showcases your belly nicely. If you are going for a casual look and feel in your shoot, you can try jeans and a tube top. If you are taking with your family (Spouse/ Significant Other/ Older Children), you can choose an outfit that would complement or match them in colours or style!

5. What do I need to bring? 

  • Gowns: Check if the photography studio has maternity gowns to choose from, otherwise you will need to bring your own maternity outfit to pose with. You should also check on the gowns that the studio has, and enquire to see if they are available on the day of your shoot!
  • Inner wear: Strapless bras are most ideal, in neutral colours such as black and nude.
  • Family Outfits: If your children and Spouse are joining you for the shoot, bring clothes that match with your dress or complement it, especially colour wise!

6. Will the session be tiring and how long will it take?
Each photoshoot session for Maternity takes place within 1-2 hours long. Make sure you are well rested before coming in for the shoot. A good photographer should also be able to make you feel comfortable in the shoot, and provide you breaks during the session so you may rest.

If you do feel uncomfortable during the shoot due to water retention in your legs or sore feet, back ache etc, let the photographer know so that they can give you time to rest! Maternity shoots may require a bit more energy and work from mums-to-be but do not let this weariness sway you from having a shoot. It will be worth it for the future, trust us!

9. Posing difficulties: will the photographer be guiding me? 
Yes, your photographer should be working with you and your body type for the posing styles, such as where to look and how to position your hands nicely. A good photographer would also be able to guide you and your spouse and kids into poses effortlessly as well! A great photographer would also know how to photograph you with various angles so that you are photographed at your best!

10. Pros and Cons of Studio and Outdoor shoot? 

Studio Shoot 

  • There will be a changing room area and gowns (if photographer provides) ready for you when you arrive.
  • It will not be as tiring as an outdoor shoot, as you would be confined to the space of the studio


  • Limited backdrops to choose from in the selection.

Outdoor Shoot 

  • You will have a plethora of greenery and scenery to choose from. The world is practically your oyster here.
  • If you have older children included in the shoot, they would prefer an outdoor area where they would be able to run around and have fun during the shoot


  • Limited options for changing your outfits as you will be on the go. Thus, that would limit your clothing options

Whether indoor or outdoor, we can all agree that maternity shoots are one of the most beautiful forms of photography that celebrate family moments. We hope this FAQ was beneficial to you in learning more about the shoots and what you can expect when expecting a maternity shoot!
If you are looking to do your Maternity Shoot, we would love to hear from you! Drop us an email with your interest to info@ashleylowphotography.com or give us a ring at 6443 3953!

Article By ~ Abigail Lazarus

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