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Your 8 Need-To-Knows before Your Newborn’s Shoot!

~ By Abigail Lazarus

Every new parent goes through this panicked phase before they come in for a newborn shoot. Call it new parent jitters when there are so many details to remember before you come in for your baby’s first shoot. 

So we are here today to help you prepare, by providing you 8 Need-To-Knows that every parent should be knowledgeable about before the shoot! 


Each photographer has various set-up ideas at their finger tips, it is easy to want everything! But there are only a few set-ups that you can do within the shoot time! Usually, photographers will ask for your preference beforehand so they can be prepared fully.

What if you are spoilt for choices?

The best resolution is to sit down and have a chat with your photographer. They will help you narrow down your choices! Professional photographers, especially those with a penchant for using colours in their set-up, will have a keen eye in these details and help you out of your indecisions! 

2.Photographer’s Expertise

Parents should note that the photographer should be well adapt at handling the newborn and able to pose them safely. The photographer should also be able to read signs of what the baby needs (if they are hungry, sleepy or in distress) as well as experienced in working with both natural lighting and studio lighting.

Check up on how long the photographer has been in the newborn photography industry and what people review about them. Alternatively you can browse through their gallery or social media pages to see if the babies look comfortable in their set-ups.

In addition, the photographer’s studio space needs to be hygienic, neat and baby proofed with no choking hazards or sharp objects within kids’ reach lying around haphazardly. 

Watch this Behind the Scenes to catch a glimpse of how a shoot with us looks like!

3.Length of the shoot

A typical newborn shoot will last anywhere up to 3 hours long. So it’s best to be prepared to spend at least that much time in the studio. 

Why do the shoots last THAT long? Babies are unpredictable and might be in a good or fussy mood. In a newborn shoot, there will be multiple set-ups for your baby to go through. Between babies having to feed, burp, diaper change and get ready for the shoot, posing, 3 hours will be gone in a snap! 

You might have heard from friends or family that their newborn shoot lasted 4 hours and above. Do note that this is not healthy for your baby and the parents, who had sleepless nights while as they tend to the newborn’s needs.

A professional newborn photographers should know how to handle your baby, watch out for signs and soothe them. If the baby does not settle well into their setups or in certain poses, this means the baby is uncomfortable. These photographers should be able to place the baby’s comfort over their creativity ego and change to a more comfortable set-up, rather than insisting the babies to lie their fingers flat or lie on their tummies etc. Though the methods vary and are debatable, some photographers prize getting the perfect shots for you. However, we would think the baby’s comfort should be prioritised over that! 

In addition, professional newborn photographers should provide a service guarantee because they know how unpredictable a baby can be! They would also not go completely by the clock, to make sure that the are able to give you their best effort! In addition, the studio should be able to reschedule your shoot if your baby is feeling poorly prior to the shoot or if parents had not brought enough milk for the baby on the shoot day. 

4.At Studio or At Home?

Stuck between choices? Most professional studios are able to do at studio newborn shoots, as well as home newborn shoots! If you are choosing home shoots, it is best to be prepared to see your photographer lug a whole trolley full of fabrics and things over! If you debating on which to choose, let’s help by making a pros & cons list! 

Studio Shoot: 


– Each studio should be equipped with the facilities that parents need. This includes changing stations, nursing rooms and comfortable seats that face the shooting area. 

– There is a variety of props & outfits provided in the studio with many variations that the photographer will have access to during the shoot. If a colour is awry, the photographer is able to pick something more suited immediately!

– Temperature Control: Studios should be equipped to with the ability to control the temperature of the room to be optimal for newborns. Babies respond better in near room temperature climate. In addition, the studio lights assures that you would be able to get well-lit photographs, regardless of rain or shine weather!


– Travelling with your baby to the studio can be daunting, especially for mummies who have just given birth and need adequate rest. 

– Parents will have to multi-task and stay on top form, juggling between the baby and bringing essential items, that the biggest concern is if they forget to bring anything important!

Home Shoot: 


– You would be able to lounge in the comfort of your own home and rest up! 

– Travelling is not an issue, as the photographer will come to you! In addition, if you have furry family members, some photographers would love to include them in your shoot.


– Limited access to the variety of props & outfits the photographer can use as they would be bringing the set-ups and props to you and would only be able to bring what was agreed upon. Certain props and set-ups come with its own style of posing, so if your baby is not comfortable with the props, there is limited flexibility for the photographer to work with as compared to a studio. 

– Home shoots rely completely on natural lighting. The photographer would need a large space in your home with large windows so that there would be adequate lighting for the shoot! This is especially difficult and limited on a gloomy or rainy day and while some photographers bring a form of lighting to supplement the lights, the light output will not be as great as the professional ones used in a studio.

5.What do you bring?

It’s easy to want to pack everything, but don’t complicate it! A well-equipped photography studio should have all the things you need for the baby, except for the personal items below. If they don’t, they should inform you early on, and provide you with a list or guide on what you need to bring. But here are the essentials! 

Milk. Bring more than enough milk for your baby, as they get hungrier during shoot. If mummies are breastfeeding, you would need to work just a little bit harder during shoot time!

Family outfits. Pack a set of family outfits in coordinated neutral tones like white or nude. If you prefer darker tones, shades of grey, brown and black are also welcome. Also, avoid loud brand names and logos especially if it does not hold a special meaning to your family. 

– If you have a special item (soft toy/accessory) you would like to use in the shoot, it’s good to give the photographer a heads up early so that you can discuss how to incorporate it in your shoot!

6.What should your baby wear?

Babies should come in comfortable easily removable clothing, as once in the studio, they will be using the outfits and props provided by the photographer! Refrain from dressing your baby with tight outfits/long sleeves as it would distress the baby when trying to get out of these outfits.

7.To feed or not to feed

By this time, parents would have adopted a feeding schedule for the baby, so it’s best to stick to it. However, bring more than enough milk for your baby, as when photographers move your baby about, they will naturally awake, be curious and remember that they’re hungry! There should be time allocated for the feeding during the shoot! A tip is to note that babies tend to fall asleep more easily after a full feed, and they tend to produce more reflexive smiles after!

8.Studio Facilities 

A professional photographer should be able to convey their professionalism through their studio with adequate facilities such as a diaper changing station with ample supply to use when changing your baby, nursing room and a play area for older kids/baby’s siblings to occupy themselves in while parents rest on couches. It’s imperative for the seating arrangements to be facing the studio, so that the parents can view the shoot while seating! There should also be essentials such as snacks and drink variety as well as hot water to warm up the milk for the baby. 

These are vital information that you, as a new parent going into a newborn shoot, should take note. Each studio and it’s photographers should be able to put you at ease from the get-go and provide all the essentials you need! These moments while your children are young are fleeting, which is why we help immortalise these precious memories! 

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