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When Should I Photograph My Bump?

~ By Ashley Low

Is your tummy nice and round?

Is your bump exceeding your breast line when you look down?

Are you still able to sit up and down and walk for a distant without too much trouble?

The above are the typical advices that we at Ashley Low Photography will provide when customers ask when is a best time to come for the photoshoot. However I thought to write this blog to further provide my 2-cents worth of opinion and thoughts on this.

If you are expecting twins, of course we recommend that you do come in earlier between 29-31 weeks that is before you feel too heavy to move around. Otherwise, you might want to check very importantly how you are feeling. We have customers coming in at this recommended period of 34-36 weeks of their pregnancy, however they may be feeling tired and heavy, with easy mood swings sometimes, meaning a little less patient to go through the entire photoshoot and all the poses that I might possibly recommend, and worst when they have a toddler child not really listening to instructions. If you are feeling this way, you may have more trouble to sit and lie on the floor by then. As a Photographer, we may try our best to crack little jokes, make you feel at ease, and try to think of poses that won’t require you to be too tired, however beauty comes from within, as we all know, and it might affect your mood to thoroughly enjoy this photoshoot which is supposed to document this beautiful moment of your time.

It is indeed difficult to know whether you will feel tired and heavy by the 34th mark, but perhaps being more aware and conscious about the changes of your moods starting from around week 25-28 may help. In this period of pregnancy, you may feel clumsier as you gained substantial weight and may experience more ache and pain in your legs, and perhaps heartburn. When you reach month 8, which is weeks 29-32, you might begin to have difficulties going to sleep, and may start sleeping on your side with 3 pillows! At this stage some mothers may experience breathlessness but this is common. If you are starting to feel all these symptoms, perhaps consider coming in for the shoot in the next 1-2 weeks before you reach the more tired and heavy stage.

The above is all mentioned with the aim of letting you enjoy the session as much as you possibly can and not treat this like a ‘chore’ because you wish to document this beautiful time of your family journey. I will still as much as possible make it as relaxing for you, and photograph your best curves and shape, and try to make you look as beautiful as you are. I simply love it when my customers come with enthusiasm and anticipation, because I know we will have a great time.

At ALP, we are currently building up our maternity gowns to let mummies have lesser worry what to bring. In addition to some of the fabrics we have to wrap mummy around, we always have little props for some touch of fun. Outdoor photoshoots is also one of my favourites, maybe because I am a nature lover. Whether you like the greenery look, or prefer the privacy in our studio and go for the classic look in the studio, I will still try my very best to make you look beautiful.

Let us document this very memorable period of your family journey and let you enjoy this session with us.

Below are some of the fabrics, maternity gowns and props we provide for the shoot. You may refer to our website for more other photos:

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