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~ By Ashley Low 


Many people have undervalued the importance of using a professional photographer’s help in taking precious photos of their babies, in particular a newborn under 2 weeks of age.

We are sure that many people will have their phone full of snapshots of their newborns, and feel that as long as anyone has a camera of any form, they can take pictures of their babies.

This is the exact question you should ask yourself between deciding to spend $5 to get a pair of scissors to cut your own hair or to spend $50 to get a hair stylist to do so.

By hiring a Professional Photographer, you are not only paying for their time, but also their expertise and talent to guarantee that these priceless moments will be captured for eternity.

Many people think the only time a photographer invests is the time during the session. The truth is the session is just a small portion of the time spent. Here’s a sample breakdown of an average time per newborn session:

30-60min – Consulting with client prior to session via email/phone, answering enquiries, prepping, etc.
1 hour – Prepping studio before session, setting up props.
1-2 hours – If its a home shoot, travelling time to and fro.
2-3 hours – Actual session time
30min – Cleaning up studio and putting back all props.
1 hour – Wash all blankets/wraps and wiping the props
1 hour – Uploading and backing up photos
2-4 hours – Sorting and adjusting photos, edit photos and prepare gallery to present or upload online.
2-6 hours – Edit the final selected photos, check through, revisiting 2nd/3rd time to ensure all editing are done perfectly.
1-3 hours – Send photos out for printing, liaise with suppliers and awaiting prints/canvases/frames to be back
1-2 hours – To burn discs, pack them and visit post office to send off or arrange for courier or with customers for self-collection.

As you can see, the time spent for one session is around 13-25 hours. This time does not even include marketing, accounting, props ordering, props maintenance, etc.

Many people can afford an entry level DSLR camera for $2000 and call themselves a Photographer. However we professionals are called professional for a reason. We invest in more than a camera and lenses. We invest in lighting, backdrops and props, easily worth more than $10,000. Its not about which brand of camera and lens you use. Its about the experience/creativity/thinking of the person behind the camera and the setups in front of the camera such as lighting, props, etc.

A professional photographer will know exactly what they want to do to make the image great, and will not need to experiment like an amateur. They will know how to use their equipment to get the desired results.

A professional photographer has the creativity and ‘eye’ to provide a full gallery of well-composed distinctive images at just the right light, angle and position. You will be sure that your baby does not look weird in those poses and in the props but be best presented with the props the professional photographers create.


It does not mean that if you are a parent yourself, you know what’s best for a newborn & baby. Just like a great surgeon for a heart operation does not need to have such a health problem to be a surgeon. A professional photographer will know the best environment for a newborn, from the temperature of the room to the sound, to which size of bowl to put a baby in, the texture of the fabric and wraps used, to a pose that will not hurt your newborn.

This should be at the top of importance! Not all amateur photographer knows how to pose your newborns safely without having been properly trained and have the years of experience of posing your newborns.


I take pride in making my customers feel comfortable during the entire sessions, normally they are asked to sit back and relax. Most of them managed to recharge their energy with a quick nap after seeing for themselves they can be reassured with me handling their newborns.

As an age-old saying, “you get what you pay for”. There is so much more to create an artistic photograph than just pushing a button on a nice camera. Such photography is definitely not for everyone, it can be considered as a luxury, but if you decide to have your babies’ photos taken professionally, please be urged to see the true value of hiring a true professional and appreciate what you paying for is what you will get back, i.e. a reassurance that everything is well taken care of and safe for your precious baby.

I do understand that everyone starts somewhere. I am not trying to ‘bash’ at amateurs but there is a difference between an amateur declaring accordingly their experience and let people know they are trying and getting trained for it, then one who charges cheaply and just simply tries poses with no regards to safety and comfort of your vulnerable newborns.

For all the parents out there, treasure this beautiful moment in your life, let a professional brings out the cuteness and beauty of your newborn and let this memory lasts for years to come between you and your descendants.

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